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About the Founder

"She is a connector, an outspoken leader, and problem solver."

”Founder and CEO, Natalia Hemingway has built a client following of both individuals and companies who seek her consult and effective strategies to help them achieve success and ultimate potential. By empowering her firm’s clients to seek authentic self-awareness, honest appraisal and creative, collaborative problem solving she has created a new approach to talent management, coaching and recruitment.”

For over a decade, Natalia has been a rising star and tenacious member of the Twin Cities business community.

Her passion is to work with minority owned businesses, entrepreneurial personalities and those in the Built Environment,

Paired with her 15 years as a private stylist and image consultant have given her a unique perspective. It also gave her the opportunity to grow a large and varied network of talented people who were willing to collaborate with Natalia and allow her to learn and develop solutions that truly fit their needs and achieve rewarding success whether personally or professionally. 

After several years of working alongside the disadvantaged business sector, she saw a need for services that would be financially feasible for growing businesses and realized a one size fits all service really did not. Her lessons allowed her to create an approach called the “Outside Talent Consultant.” With the OTC she and her team, “unmask authentic potential and opportunity for individuals and business.”

“Blue Skin is the solution for those who want something different than traditional recruiter models."

"I strive to always be honest and authentic, working smarter not harder." 


Natalia Hemingway

About Us

Our team of dedicated researchers, consultants and counselors come with a combined experience of over 100+ years of expertise and trades experience. Our team has partnered alongside over 30+ firms and counseled over 700+ individuals.

Our team of dedicated researchers, consultants and counselors come with a combined experience of 

 100+ years of expertise and trades experience

Our team has partnered alongside over 30+ firms and  counseled over 700+ individuals.   

Rather than be an expert delivering a result, she thrives in creative process and collaborative solutions that allow the end user to develop themselves, take ownership and lead their authentic vision. This method is what her firm refers to as “Unmasking your Blue Skin.”  She finds that people who work with her share that their path becomes clearer and decisions relating to their shade of “Blue Skin” are often easier to make, outcomes more successful and relationships longer lasting.Our consulting style and success stems from strong, Midwestern upbringings that shapes Blue Skin’s respect for and ability to identify with hard work, tenacity and home-grown businesses that seek similar people. Representing and partnering with clients and individuals  who embrace this winning combination and have the courageousness to make change is…what Blue Skin Consulting does.